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How to enhance the impact value of IR Communication


The Must-Knows on Investor Relationship Communication

Investor relationship (IR), as implied by its name, is the relationship between investors and company management and it has manifold influences on business development and sustenance. IR is a fundamental marketing process in direct relation of company’s stock market, investors’ satisfaction, as well as it works as an analytical indicator to recognize the value formation metrics and business credibility of the company in the capital market. In one word IR contributes in generating professional reputation of a company therefore it is important to analyze the scope of enhancement of IR communication.

The general strategies for maintaining IR

Attracting trust and attention of the investors, client advisors, and market analysts is vital for companies’ fiscal strength. This sustenance is possible when IR is properly monitored. In general organizations should care of these issues for maintain healthy IR quotient.

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7 easy steps for achieving Investor Relationship at par

Right communication right on time is the sole aim of Investor Relationship management. There are different layers of recipients for this business communication, which includes investors, analysts, shareholders at the first layer, customers, regulators, and employees are at second layer, and government, media, and others in the third layer- however, the entire transaction flow can be extremely tricky. Needless to mention that, IR is an ultra-significant area of business management, which cannot be neglected at any cost. 7 important steps are discussed here, which can help an organization in achieving Investor Relationship at par.

An overview helps in planning

The total graph of communication needs to be overviewed first. How the communication is floating and which are the recipients for receiving these communications are one of the major points to discuss here. The slip in strategy can lead to losing your target audience, even at the worse the revenue generating process can get hampered, or supports from investors can be adversely affected. Right IR strategy helps in forming a team, that’s the whole idea of managing business on the tight rope of balance.

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Utility of Mobile App for Investor relationship management


How effective are Mobile Apps for IR Management?

Recently, it was universally considered that Investor relations are an intricate part of company management and because of its intricacy and significance most of the formal communication was limited to paper work for maintaining office record. With changing times and technology, mobile networking has replaced all the paper work due to speed, efficiency and real-time access to information anytime and anywhere.

The demand and penetration of mobile

Let’s check how Mobile Apps can promote the IR management of a company.

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Investor Relationship


Investor relationship: its utility and functionality in an organization

Investor relationship is shortly known as IR. According to business management terminology it is strategic management responsibility of business administration that integrates several business sectors like

  • Security laws,
  • Communication,
  • Finance,
  • Marketing
  • Positive and comprehensive two-way communication between company management and its stakeholders.

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The Place of Social Media in Investor Relationship


What’s the link between Social Media & IR Management?

The role of social media in business management has abruptly changed since last few years. What was once used a platform for corporate communication between target audiences and existing clients, has now become a platform for global interaction. However the increased use of internet and enhanced portability of internet corporate communication has changed its facets, so is Investor relationship management has taken new dimension with the power and support of socializing, that is by using social media.

If we close view investor relationship we will find it is all about valuation of the company in terms of its financial strength and market comprehensiveness. Via social media feed a company can display the piece of information that may reveal the potential part of the company in two ways:

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