Investor Relationship Application

Strengthen your Investor Relationship by means of an App

"Investor Relations" is a critical aspect for any business set-up as most of the business' success depends on your equation with investors and how well you connect with them. IR Pulse is an answer to it!

IR Pulse is a branded iPhone, iPad, Android and Tablet app for your company to keep your investors up-to-date on real-time financial data, quarterly reports, news and more.

The Connecting Dialect

Information sharing at the right time can bring huge dividends clearing all ambiguity between shareholders. A feeling of being bonded is envisaged among investors, making it a win-win situation for companies. Here are a few more add-ons:

  • Creates a brand through customized logo, graphics, and data
  • Monitors social media channels
  • Conducts survey for a strong connecting platform
  • Forms a two-way dialogue with investors and shareholders
  • Elevates your company to the forefront and helps attain admirable industry standards
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    With IR Pulse you can distribute your reports in PDF format.

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    Stock Ticker

    A stock ticker for your company’s stocks on the different stocks exchanges.

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    With News module you can keep the investor well informed.

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    Engage your investors through Facebook and Twitter.

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    gallery for photos and videos of the events at your company.

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    See actual analytics of how the investors engage with your company and your brand.

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    Survey/ Poll

    Helps build a two way dialogue to attain a competitive edge with investors and people who matter the most.

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    Push Notifications

    Increases visibility and gets you noticed


IR Pulse, powered by Mobisoft Infotech streams the most complete, up-to-date picture of your company. Optimized for Android and iOS devices, its turnkey API approach includes access to stock prices, real-time press releases, reports, videos and even podcasts.

Launch Your App in Just 3 Weeks!


  • Collect assets for branding
  • Design the mobile theme
  • Your Approval

Week 2

  • Provide CMS access to client
  • Upload products and other content
  • Construct the app as per theme

Week 3

  • Testing of the app and its approval
  • Submit the app on Apple Store and Google Play store
  • Technical support

Your application may look like this

Mackinac Financial IR
Investor app to bring annual reports, latest presentations and polling results straight on your mobile.

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OCI Partners LP IR
Get easy access to news, reports, videos, pools and stock tickers.

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Actavis IR
Another breakthrough in the finance sector; IR Pulse is a delight for companies who aim high.

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